For those who spend much time in Bermuda and a significant portion of that time underwater a membership may be a great option. You can enjoy year-round diving with us as well as various discounts on courses, equipment purchases and beach rentals.

We have several different membership options available we have something to suit every need. All of our membership options include the following benefits:

  • 10% off all diving courses
  • 10% off EFR First Aid and Oxygen First Aid Courses
  • Use of restaurant and shower facilities at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort
  • Unlimited diving at the best dive center on the island

In addition if you would like to take advantage of our dual locations you have the option of adding a supplementary $200 to the cost of any of our membership options allowing you to dive at either location. 

Membership Types

Membership including all rental equipment | $1300

For people who are newly qualified or do not want to travel all the time with their equipment, we can provide the membership including all the gear you might need. You can still enjoy all of our other benefits, including discounts on purchasing equipment, but without the hassle of bringing all of your own gear.

Membership with own equipment | $1100

If you have all of your own dive gear then this membership provides you with use of our weights and tanks. We can also provide storage for your equipment so that you do not need to bring it with you each time you dive with us.

Renewing Members with own equipment | $1000

Renewing Members including rental equipment | $1200

Existing members can renew their membership and continue to receive access to all our benefits. The more you dive the more adventurous you will find yourself becoming much more confident in the water, particularly as you start to learn all of our dive sites and the more diving and certifications you will want to do.

Membership for Divemasters | $1000

As a Divemaster, you are keen to develop and use your diving skills particularly if you are looking to go on to become instructors. Here at Dive Bermuda we can also help you progress to the next level and become an Assistant Instructor. Our Divemaster members can enjoy a 10% discount on our normal Assistant Instructor course.

Membership for Assistant Instructors/Instructors | $1000

Normally Assistant Instructors are training to become Instructors and so you will be looking to hone your skills both in and out of the water. By being a member, you will enjoy all the benefits and gain the much-desired experience.

Instructors looking to become members can enjoy all our benefits while seeing an active dive center in operation each time you dive to develop your skills further.


For continuing your diver education we can offer a large range of courses and with the member discount there has never been a better time to look at continuing to develop your scuba skills and work towards your Master Scuba Diver rating. Have a look at our courses page to see the different courses available.