Apologies, but Achilles Bay is closed for the Winter Season

Achilles Bay offers some of the best kayaking and paddle boarding in Bermuda 

Located on the northern most of point of Bermuda, outside the charming town of St. George lies the white sandy beach of Achilles Bay. This inlet offers a serene, peaceful destination to enjoy the outdoors away from all the crowds of people. 

Kayaking off the coast of Achilles Bay in St. George

Kayaking off the coast of Achilles Bay in St. George

Stand-up paddle boards on the crystal clear waters near Achilles Bay

Stand-up paddle boards on the crystal clear waters near Achilles Bay

Beach Rentals


We offer 2 seater kayaks that comfortably can hold two adults and a small child, including paddles and life jackets. Before you set out, we orientate you to your surroundings and can offer recommended routes based off of that day's conditions. 


Our paddle boards hold one person at a time and include a height adjustable paddle to best suit your needs. Exploring Bermuda's coastline from the waters of Achilles Bay is great for beginners or experienced paddle boarders. 


Our facility offers for rent top-notch Scuba Pro brand mask, fins and snorkel. This well respected diving brand means that you are getting the highest quality snorkel gear around. 

Enjoy Achilles Bay's quiet secluded beach 

Small, private beach in the heart of St. George

This hidden gem of St. George's offers clear, turquoise waters that are perfect for taking a dip, soaking up the sun and grabbing a bite to eat with a cold beverage. Chairs and umbrellas are available as well.  


For pricing information, please contact us today. We only accept US Dollars or Bermuda Dollars.

Pristine, pink sand on the small exclusive beach of Achilles Bay

Pristine, pink sand on the small exclusive beach of Achilles Bay

Kayaking outside of Achilles Bay

Kayaking outside of Achilles Bay



Achilles Bay is located on the north east point of Bermuda, just next to Fort St. Catherine, outside of St. George's. The easiest way to get here is by moped, taxi, or ferry.

Achilles Bay Watersport Rentals
5 Coot Pond Rd
St. George's

Taxi, Moped, or Current Vehicle 

You can find us at 5 Coot Pond Rd, St George's. We share a moped/car parking lot with Blackbeard’s restaurant, which is the entrance just before Fort St Catherine.

Achilles Bay is approximately 15min by car, taxi or moped from Dive Bermuda at Grotto Bay.  


You can catch any of the number 1, 3, 10 or 11 lines from the Hamilton Bus Terminal to the bus stop in the town of St George’s. The numbers 10 and 11 are slightly quicker. Unfortunately the public bus does not run past the town of St. George's. So from the final bus stop you will have to walk (approx. 1.8km) or catch a taxi.

From the bus stop, walk down York St. Turn left on to Government Hill Road. This will lead you past the famous Unfinished Church, which makes for a nice break in the walk to explore and take photos. Just past the Unfinished Church, the road will split. Walk along the split to the left. Continue on this road, past Tobacco Bay, until you get to a T-section. At the t-section turn left. You will see Ft St Catherine in front of you. Our Watersports rental is underneath Blackbeard’s Hideout Restaurant, just before the entrance to Fort St. Catherine.

From the bus terminal on Church Street, Hamilton: Travel time is about 45-55 minutes to the bus stop in St George’s. Allow an additional 25-30min walk to Achilles Bay.


If you are cruising on to the island and docking at Royal Naval Dockyard, then the easiest way to get to St George’s is on the Orange route Ferry. From the ferry dock in St George’s, walk up to York St and follow the above walking directions.

Below is the ferry time table current for 2018.

Tuesday and Friday:

  • Departs Dockyard at: 930am, 1130am, 245pm

    • Departs St George’s at: 1030am, 145pm, 345pm

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday:

  • Departs Dockyard at: 930am, 1130am, 245pm, 445pm

  • Departs St George’s at: 1030am, 145pm, 345pm, 545pm

Food & Drink at Achilles Bay



Located upstairs from our Achilles Bay facility, is The Beach House at Black Beard's. This open-air island vibe beach restaurant has stunning views overlooking the waters of Bermuda right atop Achilles Bay.   

Click here to view their menu.


If you come for the day, you stay for the sunset! All eyes are drawn towards the horizon as the sky transforms into a magical kaleidoscope of fiery oranges, rosy pinks and deep purples, with each guest straining to catch the green flash.