No Certification? No problem! Try our Discover Scuba Dive

Just returning to the boat after a dive!

Just returning to the boat after a dive!

Have you always wondered what it’s like to breathe underwater? If you want to try scuba diving, but aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, our Discover Scuba Diving Experience is for you.

There is nothing quite like breathing underwater for the very first time. Spend half a day with our experienced PADI Dive professionals who can take you diving on Bermuda’s beautiful coral reef.

Here’s how it works:

Blue Angelfish

  • We teach you the basics of how to safely going diving under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor. We cover the scuba equipment, how it works and techniques for equalizing.

  • Start blowing bubbles in the shallow turquoise waters to practice a few key skills. Go for a practice swim and discover how easy it is to move around underwater.

  • Our dive boat will then take you to a shallow reef site with an average depth of 30ft/10m.

  • GO DIVING! Spend up to one hour, air levels permitting, exploring our reef and local fish inhabitants. Typically we see a variety of colorful parrotfish, blue tangs, sergeant majors, Bermuda chubs, damselfish and butterflyfish along with healthy soft and hard coral reef.


Any responses on the medical form with a ‘YES’ require a physicians approval to safely go diving. To avoid disappointment, please ensure all individuals wishing to participate have seen the PADI Medical Questionnaire and are cleared for diving.

Due to the amazing nature of the experience the biggest challenge you will face is not getting into the water but getting out of it at the end of the dive as you will wish to stay underwater for longer.

Price  |  $195 per person and includes all equipment, materials and a single tank dive

**Please keep in mind this program this program is highly weather dependent. We will not offer our Discover Scuba Dive Experience on days we feel it will not be enjoyable for our guests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Take a quick look at what it is like to go diving!

How long does the program take? How long is the dive?

Plan to set aside between 3.5-4 hours for the DSD Experience. We will spend up to one hour underwater diving, air permitting. Check in time varies, so please visit our Online Booking page for the date you are interested in.

What if someone is a little nervous?

Totally OK! We keep the groups small on your dive so you will have an trained PADI Instructor close by and able to help reassure you along the way. By starting in the shallow waters where you can stand, it gives people a chance to adjust to breathing underwater and get an idea if it’s for them.

Is this a scuba certification?

No, this is merely a quick and easy introduction to diving and does NOT count towards a scuba certification course. Learn more about our most popular course, the PADI Open Water which certifies you to a depth of 60ft/18m..

How deep will we go?

On this experience, your average depth will be 30ft/10m with plenty of shallow reef surrounding the dive site. We are limited to a maximum 40ft/12m depth for this experience.

What will we see?

Our reef here in the North Atlantic is some of the healthiest coral reef around thanks in part to the cooler water temperatures. Since our reef is quite durable the fish we see here are an array of parrotfish, damselfish, trumpetfish, wrasse, blue tangs and sergeant majors among others!

Will you take us to any caves or swim-throughs?

Your safety is of upmost importance, so no we will never take you to any areas that require you to go inside of any overhead type environment. It’s crucial that at all times we are exploring an open area of reef so that if we need to surface we can do so safely.


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Sharp nose pufferfish

Flamingo Tongue

Foureye Butterflyfish